5 Minute DIY Christmas Stocking

Did you unpack your Christmas decorations this weekend excited to put them up only to find that you aren't really happy with your Christmas stockings anymore? Outdated? Want a more modern look? Your probably thinking you can hit a sale online and buy a few new customized ones for you and your family. You are looking at $25 plus {without customization of names added}. Well thanks to one of our favorite retailers, Target, you can DIY these five minute Christmas stockings for $16 each {includes stocking and initial} in these four simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase your favorite stockings {Target has a wide variety of styles and colors all for very reasonable costs.} Look for their initial ornaments in the letters of each of your family members names {we selected wooden ones for a more rustic look and they are easier to adhere on the stocking}.

Step 2: Get out your trusty glue gun. Twist off any additional hardware and remove strings from the ornaments. Super glue the wooden ornament in the area you would like on the stocking. Press down, hold and let dry for five minutes.

Step 3: You are done! DIY modern, rustic Christmas stocking in less time then it took to buy the supplies.

Step 4: Hang them on your mantle, staircase or wherever you prefer in your home and all you need now is some stocking stuffers!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


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